April Fools' Day

Relax! The CRA is still accepting paper returns, however with TaxTron Tax software available, why would you want to?

Don’t forget that the last day to file your taxes is April 30th, 2014.

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15 Responses to Happy April Fools’ Day

  1. When I saw this for a second or 2, I expressed verbally a bad 4 letter word like Justin Trudeau used, mine aimed to our Government.

    You’re cute! LOL!
    Happy fools day.

  2. This lack of professionalism is, in part, why I stopped using Taxtron years ago. How do I get off the email list?

  3. I just wasted 15 minutes attempting to locate the source of that news on the CRA site. Please don’t do that again.

  4. Jean OGILVIE says:

    You got me! ad me wondering for a moment. HA.HA! Love my Taxtron and the help I can get when required.

  5. Katherine Maas says:

    I’ve used taxtron for two years now and would never go back to paper filing. But I have to say I thought this joke showed poor judgment.

  6. Bad Joke,
    Could have been better to reveal the intention at the end of main email message.
    Most people, including me, are busy and do not click “read more”.

  7. Abe Baanstra says:

    Nice Going

    You had me a believer until I turned the page, lately drastic changes by the Government seem to be the norm.

  8. Pat Webb says:

    You didn’t fool me – I got caught this morning by the CBC announcement that news reports were now going to be at 23 min. past the hour on Mondays and Thursdays, or whatever. I’m already working on this years’ TaxTron package.

  9. Doug Smith says:

    Well done, guys. I fell for it, and laughed when I clicked “read more”. I have used TaxTron and Grifftax since 1984. Good program, great help desk.

  10. I told my wife about the email, then said “April Fools”.

    It’s just a little to far out there to be real/

  11. Phil Geldart says:

    Not amused. I tolerate getting emails from TaxTron because I have used and like your product, however this email crosses the line. This April Fool email, in my opinion, is not very professional. Please remove me from your mailing list.

  12. Some people take themselves too seriously. I think anyone with a bit of commonsense saw through it from first reading.

  13. Derek Madge says:

    Thanks, Bruce. Now I can tell people, despite the common perception, that I DO have common sense. I saw through it immediately, as it was April 1st and we know that, as obfuscating and bizarre as CRA can sometimes get, a paper return will always be necessary for the forseeable future.

    I thought the joke was cute.

  14. Bruce M: To say you saw through it makes you a real genius. Did you see through the
    news that Canada Post will stop
    delivering mail too?