We have been busy since the end of tax season, and are proud to announce that the latest version (2013.2) of our T2 Software has been certified by CRA and is available on our website. The new software allows for year-ends from January 1, 2011 to April 30, 2014.

Preparing your corporate tax returns has never been easier, on less expensive. We’re continuing our special offer (Yes, we are that crazy…) for the remainder of the 2013 season and you can download our T2 software completely free.

Note: The Windows software is available right now, and we expect to release the Mac versions within the next two weeks.

(Projected prices for the 2014.1 version onward will be $99.99 for the standard T2 version, and $199.99 for the Professional T2 version for those tax preparers registered with CRA for EFILE.)

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Note: The Professional T2 software is only suitable for those registered with CRA as EFILE tax professionals. Non-professionals will require a Web Access Code from CRA in order to electronically file their returns. Please ensure you have chosen the correct version of the software for your needs before downloading.

 Here’s what’s new in this release:

  •  Returns can now be prepared with a year end up to April 30, 2014
  • Improvements to the help documentation, including embedded video demonstrations of various features
  • new video demonstrations on the TaxTron website available here
  • The following forms are updated:
    • Corporation Identification Form – Information regarding the nature of the corporation previously reported direct throughout the T2 form is now reported on the Corporate ID form, all in one easy-to-follow location
    • Schedule 4 – Part 6 has been redeisgned to provide more detailed information
    • Schedule 8 – The old Schedule 8 form and CCA leaseholder forms’ functionality has been merged and information is now entered on the Schedule 8 Workchart
    • Schedule 23 – The forms has been redesigned to use a clearer, easier format
    • T1135 – Form has been changed to reflect the changes detailed in the Federal Government’s Economic Action Plan 2013
  • General improvements to performance

Note: the software is not valid for preparing a Quebec Provincial Corporate Tax Return (CO-17)

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