TP1 Return

This is the main Provincial Tax Return for individuals in Quebec, which is broken down into several sections outlined below. Click on the appropriate line/box to get additional information regarding that field.

Note: Most of the information will be forwarded from the information already recorded in the Federal Return.

To view the TP1 Return, double-click on the form named "Quebec Return" in the Form Manager, or go to the View menu and select Provincial Return.


Most of the information here is forwarded from the Federal return, however some information is reported separately. These items are reported via the Quebec Identification form.

To open the Quebec Identification form, search for "TP1_D", then double-click on the form named "Quebec Identification" in the Form Manager.  

Information About Your Spouse on December 31, 2012

  • Line 37 - Spouse Died in 2012
  • Line 50 - Self-Employment
  • Line 51 - Net Income
  • Line 52 - Non-Resident

Total Income


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