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TaxTron has received NETFILE approval!

TaxTron has received NETFILE approval from both Canada Revenue and Revenu Québec. We will be releasing updates for the software late next week.

Canada Revenue and Revenu Québec will start accepting tax returns as of February 20th, 2017.

TaxTron Tax Software for Individuals

TaxTron for Individuals is the perfect option for Canadians who are looking to complete their Canadian tax forms quickly and easily for themselves and get the most money from their tax returns.

TaxTron for

TaxTron for Professionals is for Canadians in the financial and accounting industry, and are looking to complete tax preparation work for their portfolio of clients.

What people are saying about TaxTron:

"We had used other tax products in the past and had nothing but trouble. Either they were confusing to use or we ended up getting audited by the Canada Revenue Agency, or both! Then we got our taxes done professionally, but it seemed costly considering how simple our return was. Then we found TaxTron. Our whole family has been using it for several years now and it’s smooth sailing all the way. The returns are always filed quickly, take almost no time at all to prepare, and best of all, no more problems with CRA!"

Sharon Morrison


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