EFILE Online Plus(EOL+) batch filing service is finished in 2014

TaxTron has received word from the Canada Revenue Agency that they are discontinuing their EFILE Online Plus batch filing service on January 17, 2014.

The CRA is eliminating all systems, applications, components, services and reports related to the EOL Plus batch filing service. This includes the ability to transmit returns to CRA as of the third week in January and stockpiling them until processing begins in mid-February.

Here are a few reasons why most Efilers should not be too worried about the end of EOL Plus:

  1. The end of batch filing means reduced costs for the Revenue Canada, which has until now had to maintain two separate computer systems. This will free up resources for CRA to allow Efiling of prior year 2012 tax returns.
  2. There’s no downside to filing one-by-one in TaxTron because it’s designed to let you quickly file each return after you have finished preparing it. Complete the return, transmit and you’re done.

You won’t have to wait for CRA to process a batch before getting messages back, as TaxTron will receive instant feedback after it transmits each return and will update the status of the return.

Just click Transmit and let TaxTron take care of the Efiling.

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