2011. It seems like a lifetime ago at times. Wikipedia turned 10. Revolution erupted in Egypt. A 9.0 earthquake in Japan triggered a tsunami. The Internet ran out of IPv4 addresses, and the Space Shuttle had its final flight. It was also the year TaxTron launched its T2 software product and made it completely free for customers. And while it’s definitely been valuable in spreading the word about our software and has helped many people inexpensively and easily file their corporate tax returns, we always knew we couldn’t keep it going forever. (We have to eat somehow, eh?) Starting with the upcoming 2014.1 version, the pricing for TaxTron T2 for Corporations will be based upon two versions of the T2 program: Single license and Unlimited Returns for Professional Version.

  • The software will be free to download and prepare returns
  • Corporations with a net loss (T2 General page 3, line 300) will be able to file and/or print their return for free
  • All other corporations will require a license to print or file, at $99.99 plus tax for a return.

The pricing for TaxTron T2 Professional for Corporations will be as follows:

  • Professionals will have to purchase the software before downloading, as with T1 software
  • The price will be $249.00 plus tax for unlimited returns per ONE EFILE number. Each EFILE number will require its own license for the software.
  • The purchase will cover both releases for the tax year, e.g. 2014.1 and 2014.2

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