Streamlined Steps

Steps Mode has always been the mode for those relatively new to preparing taxes or those who want to go through the return methodically. Now we consolidated steps so that it remains the easy mode it’s always been, but is faster than ever to prepare returns. Entries that would have taken several steps in last year’s software can now be done on a single page, as illustrated here:

Optimization Improvements

We’ve gone through the various areas where credits and deductions can be optimized, such as RRSP deductions, pension splitting, medical expenses, etc. and made them more intelligent than ever! Claiming more RRSP deduction than you need to reduce your tax liability to zero can be disadvantageous. TaxTron will determine the optimum amount to claim so you can make the most of your contributions not just this year, but in future years as well.

Roll-Forward Improvements

In previous years, the software would roll forward information from a previous year’s return to a current year return, with varying results. Not all information that could be rolled forward was always being done. Those days are now over. We’ve taken the opportunity to go through every form in the software. If there is an amount on a form that can be rolled forward to a future year, we’ve made changes so that those amounts are properly handled. From T2125 Business Statements to RRSP limits to tuition amounts, you name it!

T1 Condensed Returns

We’ve already reported on the T1 Condensed return in another blog post, but we’re proud to tell you that TaxTron is now compatible with the T1 Condensed return.

2 Responses to What’s New in TaxTron T1 2012 for Windows

  1. On taxtron 2012 software, why is GST for last quarter not shown, if DOB is input as March 31st, 1995, as this person is entitled to same if turned 19 years of age on or before April 1st, 2014=$66.25?
    Also if on or before 5/31/2014 is 19 years, is entitled to atleast sales tax credit for last month of June 2014 of $23.17 for single persons.