TaxTron Corporate for Windows (Single License)

TaxTron Corporate for Windows (Single License)

Prepare and file your T2 Corporate returns with ease! Enter your financial statement information using industry standard GIFI forms. TaxTron T2 supports the preparation of the Alberta Provincial tax return, however we do not support the preparation of the Quebec CO-17.

TaxTron T2 is designed for taxpayers who want to file their own corporate tax return. To electronically file your own corporate return, you will need a web access code. You can obtain a web access code from CRA and if you don’t have one, please call 1-800-959-2803.

The current year software can be downloaded for free and you can also file your corporate return for free if you have a Net Loss for tax purposes (T2 General page 3, line 300). You only need to purchase a single license if you have a profit or net income of zero for income tax purposes. TaxTron Corporate (Single license) will allow you to file one corporate return per year with a net income greater or equal to zero (T2 General page 3, line 300).

System Requirements:

  • Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista or XP

Note: Users running on Windows XP need to ensure they have downloaded and installed the .NET Framework version 2 or higher package from Microsoft.

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Price: $99.99

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TaxTron Tax Software for Individual Corporations


Free to file for companies showing a loss on line 300 of their T2 returns, and significantly cheaper than other T2 products on the market. TaxTron T2 is Canadians’ best choice for corporate tax software.


TaxTron T2 allows you to dive straight into the tax forms, showing you the calculations every step of the way, ensuring you get accurate and quick results.


Tired of recording your financial statements by hand? TaxTron can import GIFI files from many accounting programs and insert the data directly into your statements. This will save you time and reduce the chance of future omissions and mistakes.


TaxTron has been helping Canadians just like you prepare their own tax returns for over 20 years. We were the first available tax software for Macintosh computers, and one of the first to support electronic filing of returns, making us your best choice in Canadian tax software.

Go Modern

The taxman is removing paper from the tax system more and more, and with TaxTron you’re ready for the future. File your corporate return with Canada Revenue and Alberta Ministry of Finance. If you need to print the tax return for your own records or submission to the government, you can do that with TaxTron as well.

Not Your First Time?

TaxTron can roll information forward from last year’s return if you prepared last year’s return using TaxTron - saving you time and effort in getting this year’s taxes done. Whether it’s last year’s financial statements, or something as simple as your corporation’s name and address, TaxTron will copy that information over to help you do your taxes faster and more efficiently.