How do I NETFILE a tax return?

In order to NETFILE your tax return, you have to follow the steps below:

  • Open your tax return.

  • Select “NETFILE” under the menu “File”.  The software will do automatic recalculations and display the diagnostics window.

  • Review all the diagnostic messages and go back and fix any errors that need to be corrected before you file your return.

  • Click the “close” button at the bottom, to close the diagnostics window while reviewing the last diagnostic.

  • The “NETFILE validity chart” will appear on the screen. Confirm that the box for “Check to confirm that none of the conditions listed below applies in this return” is checked and press OK. If you cannot click on OK, you still have errors that need to be corrected.

  • Read the information in the window that asks if you agree with the NETFILE Terms and Conditions, and when you are ready to proceed click the  button that reads “Yes”

  • A window will pop up asking if you are filing a return with CRA for the first time. Answer the question to proceed.

  • If you have a balance owing, a window will appear asking if you intend to pay the balance electronically via your financial institution within 5 days. Answer the question to proceed.

  • A window will appear indicating the .tax file has been created and ask you if you want to transmit now. Click Yes to proceed.

  • The software will automatically contact Canada Revenue and transmit your return, either confirming it if sent successfully or producing an error code and information if there is a problem with the return.

  • Record the confirmation number. This information is also automatically stored on the Netfile Information form in the return. Save the return to preserve this info.

What are the current exclusions for TaxTron’s software products?

The list of our current software exclusions can be found here.

Where do I enter my unused tuitions from previous years?

To claim your unused Federal and Provincial tuition amounts, you need to add both the “federal and provincial Schedule 11’s (S-11 & PS-11)” to your tax return by double clicking on the appropriate form, which is located within the form manager list.

You can then enter the unused amount of tuition from previous years in the first line of both the federal and provincial schedule 11.

You can find your unused tuition amount on your Notice of Assessment or Notice of Reassessment that you received after filing your tax return last year.

Why do I need license when the software is free?

TaxTron 2014 software does not require a license for returns under $31,000 total income or for full-time students (4 months or more duration as indicated on your T2202A form). If your income is $31,000 or higher and you are not a full-time student, you will require a license to print or NETFILE your tax return.

When asked to enter a license during the activation of the software, you can leave it blank if you qualify for the free offer.

If you do not qualify for the free offerings, you can purchase a license from our website or by visiting any Softron location.

Note: Software from previous years have no free offerings and require a license to be purchased – regardless of income level or full-time studies.

How can I enter box 20 in T4A(P)?

As box 20 is a calculated field, you can not enter amounts directly into this field. Enter the amount in the boxes 14 to 18, 21, and 22 (Whichever is applicable). The software will automatically update Box 20.

Does TaxTron support preparation of a T2 return?

Yes. TaxTron T2 supports the preparation of T2 returns. You can prepare the federal T2 return as well as the provincial Alberta AT1 return if necessary.

Note: We currently do not support filing of the Quebec CO17 return.

You can download TaxTron T2 from our website for free.

How can I update to a new version?

Updates to the software can be downloaded directly from our website using the below link:

For Windows:

For Mac

Note: If you have purchased the Professional version of TaxTron we will email you the link to download the latest version as well as the change log when it becomes available. If you did not receive the update then contact us and we can resend the email to you.

How do I prepare spousal returns?

You can prepare spousal returns either when you first create your return by selecting the Link Spouse return check box under the spousal section.

Or if you have already created both returns separately, you can link them together by opening both returns, then click on the Link menu and select Link to spouse. A dialogue box appears with a list of open returns, put a checkmark beside your spouse’s name and then click OK.

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