How Do I File My Taxes Using Netfile?

In order to file your taxes electronically, you should use a CRA Netfile certified tax preparation software, such as TaxTron.

TaxTron is free to use for up to 20 tax returns for the year. When you are ready to submit your tax forms to Netfile you can then purchase the license you’ll need to print your tax forms or to submit it to Netfile.

If you are making a yearly income under $31,000 or you are a full time student than the license fee is waived off and you get to fully use the TaxTron tax software absolutely free.

A postage stamp costs more than filing your taxes online!

What is Netfile?

Netfile is one of Canada Revenue Agency’s electronic tax filing methods for Canadians. Netfile is a way for you to file your personal income tax and benefit returns directly to the CRA over the Internet with just a few computer clicks.

No stamps, no going to the post office or your local convenient store and definitely no hassle.

How To Use Our Tax Preparation Software with Netfile

The year 2012 was the first year that the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) didn’t mail homeowners a tax package. The CRA is trying to push Canadians to use their Netfile system to file taxes electronically rather than Canadians mailing their tax forms.

Some of you might be complaining of this push by CRA to get you to file their taxes using Netfile. No one likes to do taxes and having to learn a new method of tax filing that might take ages to master is not one of the top things on your to do list.

Not to worry, filing taxes using Netfile is not a daunting task to learn and with our latest tax preparation software, you’ll be finished filling out your Canada tax forms in 10 minutes.

How To Use Netfile

Here are some videos of how to use TaxTron and Netfile. For more help, visit our support page.

If you just watched the demos, you can clearly see that TaxTron has CRA’s library of Canada tax forms right in their software and with TaxTron’s easy navigation system you’ll find the forms you need in seconds. Simply fill out all the required tax information required by CRA in the correct format on your TaxTron software and save it under “.tax” format in order to submit your tax return using Netfile.

Demo of TaxTron’s tax preparation software on Windows

Demo of TaxTron’s tax preparation software on Mac

How to submit your tax return to Netfile on Windows

How to submit your tax return to Netfile on Mac

Benefits of Using Netfile

TaxTron makes filing your income tax return online easy! Here are some other benefits:

Netfile TaxTronFaster Refunds – Who doesn’t want to get their money fast?

Confirmation within Seconds – Just as if you’re going to the grocery store and the cashier gives you your receipt right after your purchases you’ll get your confirmation receipt in seconds after sending your .tax file.

Secure – Worried about your tax return being compromised online? The CRA uses the best encryption security in North America today.

Improved Accuracy – Worried about whether you filed your taxes properly? TaxTron will check over your tax return before you are able to make a .tax document. The CRA also performs a series of computer checks and balances before they accept a return for processing.

Environmentally Friendly – You’re saving trees and helping the environment by filing electronically.

Other Helpful Resources

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